BizKIT, "The Business Assistant from Kingston Information Technologies Ltd.", is a dynamic, exception based software tool that has been designed to track and report on your employee's time. It replaces manual methods of recording employee time, including the use of time cards. In addition, BizKIT can produce the required transactions to be sent to your payroll system eliminating the need for payroll clerks to key in the data.

BizKIT Highlights!

Other Features/Benefits:

Integrates with your existing operations

BizKIT has been designed to integrate with your existing methods of scheduling and recording employee time. Implementation does not require your company to change its current procedures. In fact, BizKIT allows you to key in company specific terminology that you use on a day to day basis. Users do not have to learn a new set of terms just to use BizKIT.

You setup BizKIT with the information about your company:

  • Company specific terminology
  • Paid and unpaid holiday information
  • Payroll policies and procedures
  • Pay rates, pay grades and premiums
  • Vacation entitlement rules
  • Exception and absence reasons
  • Employee job definitions and schedules
  • Work locations


Manages employee information

With BizKIT you can easily manage and report on your employee information:

  • Name, address, phone, birth date, gender, social insurance number
  • Employee code/id/number
  • Picture photo
  • Hire/termination information
  • Skill sets

In addition, the employee's job information, both current and historical is stored, including:

  • Work location
  • Job classification
  • Full-time/part-time status
  • Labour distribution
  • Pay grade
  • Pay rates


Simplifies employee scheduling

BizKIT will help your company reduce the time associated with employee scheduling and increase the accuracy of your data!

Exception Based

BizKIT was designed as an exception based system with the goal of minimizing the amount of data entry required to maintain employee schedules.

No data entry is required unless there is an exception to an employee's regular scheduled hours. Your customized, predefined schedules will simply "roll over" from day to day without any scheduling intervention.

Visual Scheduling

Your employee scheduler will be able to visually organize your staffing needs.

With just a glance they will see where staffing minimums are below expected, view employee availability and easily ensure proper coverage.

Employee Skills

Simply define the skill sets required for a particular job and link the skill sets to your employees.

Your employee scheduler can view and select employees based on their skills sets and schedule in the employees who possess the skills necessary to perform the job.

Vacation Prioritizing

Now it is easy for your scheduler to visually organize and schedule vacation time, with a built in vacation prioritizing system.

Utilizing the vacation planner, schedulers can see at a glance which requested days would be over allocated, and can then assign vacation based on the employee prioritized requests.

Employee Self-scheduling Feature

It's your decision..... you choose if your company wishes to activate BizKIT's employee self-scheduling feature.

Once activated, this feature will allow your employees to:

  • View their own schedules, vacation time and off time
  • Enter their own absence and overtime information

This feature comes with a built in management tool for easy approvals and modification of data, if required.

Scheduling Errors

Catch scheduling errors before they get to payroll!

While scheduling, BizKIT will check for duplication of data and will notify your scheduler of any scheduling duplication.


Interfaces with your payroll system

Payroll clerks no longer have the tedious task of entering data from time cards.

With just a click of the mouse, BizKIT will interface with and export data to any payroll system that reads external transaction, processing your weekly, biweekly or monthly payroll in one easy step.

The BizKIT payroll module has built-in functionality to handle shift differentials, shift premiums, pay rate changes, overtime rates, absences, vacations and holiday rules.

In addition, BizKIT allows schedulers to change data in previous pay periods and bring adjustment transactions forward to the current pay period.


Increases policy consistency and compliance

During implementation, the BizKIT team of experts will work with you to define and setup the system with your existing policy and procedures, increasing compliance throughout your organization.

Payroll - define your payroll definitions once, and BizKIT will ensure payroll consistency across your organization and minimize the costs associated with manual calculation errors!


Eliminates manual record keeping

BizKIT maintains your employee information, scheduling and payroll data eliminating the need of filling out time cards, forms or other types of employee time tracking methods.


Secures company data

Password Protection

Utilizing user accounts and passwords, you specify who has access to what information within BizKIT based on the privileges you assign to their user accounts, increasing data confidentiality across your company.

Inactivity Monitor

With BizKIT's inactivity monitor, no need to worry about a user leaving their machine unattended for extended periods of time.

At the time interval you specify, BizKIT will end an inactive session, securing your data from the possibility of unauthorized persons accessing confidential information.


Reduces potential for input errors & reduces data entry time

BizKIT's design automates most of your company's day to day operations, incorporates several data/calculation verification strategies and reduces the amount of data entry required, ensuring a reduction in errors!

BizKIT's exception-based method of data entry reduces the time required to record employee time.


Provides valuable reports

With BizKIT a variety of reports are just a click away!

  • Employee information
  • Payroll transactions and adjustments
  • Daily schedules
  • Approvals
  • Absences
  • Overtime
  • Vacation (individual and team planners)
  • Labour distribution
  • And more


User friendly interface

BizKIT was developed with the end user in mind!

Your staff can use and manage the system without needing advanced computer skills because of the easy to follow user interface.


Time proven technology

Launched in 1996, BizKIT has a time proven track record!



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